This is a blog about baseball by a guy who, at least as far as becoming a serious fan of the game, is “New To The Game.”

Of course, few Americans are truly new to the game of baseball; it is America’s favorite pastime and is as deeply steeped in American culture as apple pie and hot dogs.  It is not the sport of kings nor of the rich, but of children after school, played in the long, warm evenings of summer.  It is the sport that every American knows, that anyone recognizes on sight. Nearly every neighborhood park has at least one baseball diamond, and all you really need to play baseball is a stick, a ball, four things you can call bases and a field of dreams.

I’ll improve this “About” page in the future, but for now you might like to start with:

There’s more to come!

“It ain’t over ’till it’s over!”Yogi Berra, Mets/Yankees Player/Manager.


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